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Today, and every day, please be reminded of:
1. The Value of TIME
2. The Success of PERSEVERANCE
3. The Pleasure of WORKING
4. The Dignity of SIMPLICITY
5. The Worth of CHARACTER
6. The Power of KINDNESS
7. The Influence of EXAMPLE
8. The Obligation of DUTY
9. The Wisdom of ECONOMY
10. The Virtue of PATIENCE
11. The Improvement of TALENT
12. The Joy of ORIGINATING




Men of worth and men of wisdom have been known to be men of few words. Loose talking is almost always an identification mark of fools.

Keep your mouth shut! You don’t have to say everything. You don’t have to use a gallon of words to express a spoonful of thoughts. Turn off the tap!

Careless words and hurtful utterances are often the results of thoughtlessness. More damage has been done to our world by gossips than arsonists! “Good words are worth much but they cost little.” (George Herbert)

Must you say everything? Think all you say but don’t you say all that you think!

Men of few words breed respect. The Scriptures concur that even when fools keep quiet they are mistaken for wiseacres (Proverbs 17:27-28). One of the best things you can learn to cultivate is a meditative spirit.

“Study to be quiet,” the apostle counseled (I Thessalonians 4:11). A talebearer reveals secrets. “Men who talk too much and who talk unwisely are a detriment to any organization.” (E. W. Kenyon)

Many women have reduced their husbands to nothing because their mouths have no bridle. They say anything, anywhere, anyhow, and to anybody!

Friendships and trusts have been betrayed because secrets have been carelessly let out by people of loose mouths.

Fools talk because they have to say something, wise men only talk when they have something to say! When fools talk, further contributions are called for. When wise men have spoken, no further opinions are sought! George Eliot said: “Blessed is that man, who having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of that fact!”

Learn to choose your words. Think before you talk. Little men reverse that order, great men adhere to it.

Quiet men are ‘dangerous’ men. They are revered, and respected, even feared; because you do not know what they think but you are sure they are full of wits.

“Noise produces nothing,” Mark Twain said. Empty barrels make the most noise. “Better it is to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to speak your mind and clear the air.” (Abraham Lincoln) If you give everyone a piece of your mind, I wonder what will be left for you to think with!

My friend, turn off the tap! You will succeed!

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