BE PREPARED! (Preparation: Key to Success 2)

Welcome to a brand new working week! I continue from where I left off on Saturday. We are discussing the vital place of preparation in our quest for success in life. We have established that success is no accident. Let’s proceed.

The motto of the Boys’ Scout movement is an inspiration to me – “Be prepared”. Always be prepared! In any vocation, whatever the endeavor is, the secret of success is preparation.

“So Jotham became mighty, because he prepared his ways before the LORD his God.” [2 Chronicles 27:6]

Do you have a dream – a purpose for living? Preparation is key.

Because “he prepared his ways,” Jotham became mighty. He became great. He prospered. He succeeded. The way too is open to us. You too can become great by preparing your ways. Benjamin Disraeli, one time British prime minister said, “The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” You need to start preparing. Opportunity does not announce itself before it comes. You have to live ready. Smith Wigglesworth, apostle of faith noted in one of his writings: “Live ready. If you have to get ready when the opportunity comes your way, it will be too late. Opportunity does not wait, not even while you pray. You must not have to get ready; you must live ready at all times.”

As a pastor, preacher and public speaker, I share that motto with the Boys’ Scout – “Be prepared.” Why?

I had an experience several years back. It was in my undergraduate years at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. I was invited to speak at a seminar on the subject of vision. Meanwhile around the same time I had quite a number of other preaching engagements all demanding my attention. But then a month prior to the time the invitation came, I had prepared an outline on the same subject. This I picked up, reviewed and prayed over. The meeting was powerful with the participants so tremendously blessed that for the next five years running I was a regular speaker at that annual event; all because I was prepared.

That was when I realized the truth that THERE IS ALWAYS A PREPARED PLACE FOR A PREPARED PERSON. And this has not only served me well in my ministry as a Bible teacher and seminar speaker, the truth has been proven time and again!

If you have prepared yourself for the job, I tell you, an opening will always be waiting for you. Success results when a prepared person meets with opportunity. That’s what I call luck. According to Elmer Wheeler, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets with opportunity.” i.e. LUCK = PREPARATION + OPPORTUNITY. You will succeed! (To be continued.)


About Yomi Olufiade

My passion, dear friend, is to help you find, follow and fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Not only that, I also want to help you achieve tremendous success with your God-ideas and assignment through this medium via the life-changing truths of the Word of God. I’m sure you won’t remain the same again after interacting with me.

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  1. Love your style. This reminded me of something I should have told you a long time ago! I’m a screenwriter, and I recently just finished a screenplay about a girl who finds God, and I based her Pastor off of you! I don’t know why I’ve never mentioned it, I’ve been writing for months and it’s been you all along! You have blessed me, and I hope this blessed you.

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