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There is what I call the 6 by 1 principle. This principle helps you in getting your goals accomplished by helping you develop skills or cultivate habits that generate success. Do you want to reach a goal? Do you want to cultivate a habit? Do it for just one hour daily, six days a week. Before you know it, it becomes a habit with you.

You want to improve your prayer life? Put in one hour daily, six days even seven days a week.

You want to become a loving husband to your wife? Just do it for an hour daily for the next six days.

Do you find it hard maintaining a daily devotional time with God? Put in one hour daily just for the next six days.

Are you a habitual latecomer to church or your workplace? Make yourself come early even if you don’t feel like it for the next six days and you will break that bad habit.

Habits die hard. Yes. But the easiest way to break a bad habit is to cultivate a good one. And don’t forget, success is largely a product of habit. No man chooses his destiny. You choose your habits and those habits choose your destiny. The six by one principle only buttresses the truth that success is a product of what you do daily. Your success would be the sum of those small efforts repeated daily. You are and will become what you repeatedly do!

If you want to taste success in your field, cultivate skill. You will be paid and celebrated for it. Dr. Panam Percy Paul is a celebrated worship leader today. He plays almost all instruments of music. Plus he is a gifted singer. But he just wasn’t blessed alone. He’s been known to spend 24 hours, seventy-two hours even at a stretch in the studio, worshipping, and playing, singing, composing and writing music. Now he comes on stage and everywhere is electrified. He is successful at what he does. But he didn’t get there overnight. His skill brought it to him. Practice enhanced his skills. William Shakespeare said, “What you do on stage depends on what you’ve done backstage.” YOU WILL SUCCEED! (TO BE CONTINUED.)

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