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This is an observation to my fellow men of the cloth but it should come in handy for anybody who does any form of public speaking.

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Brent Filson in the book Executive Speeches wrote: “The Constitution guarantees free speech, but it does not guarantee listeners. Even if you do get listeners, there is no guarantee that they will be listening. So your first responsibility as a speaker is to gain and keep the audience’s attention.” I couldn’t agree more!

Now, to gain and keep the audience’s attention you must not just have something meaningful and beneficial to say, you must be able to say it interestingly. I believe that as a speaker the way to engage your audience and guarantee their attention is two-fold: entertain and educate. Better put, I want to entertain my listeners while educating them. (You say, “Heaven is too serious for that!”) You can’t be more serious than Jesus yet He was entertaining. How else could He have spoken to more than five thousand people for three days straight and got their attention without a public address system. They were so engrossed in what he was saying that they forgot to eat!

As a speaker I had always wanted my listeners to say something like, “I see! That was interesting. Now let me begin to take action on what I’ve learnt here.” I want to ‘preach’ to people without being ‘preachy’! To tell them something without them feeling being told – that’s what I mean by being entertaining while educating.

I consider it my life calling equipping people to find, follow and fulfill their God-given destinies. My listener must not only be able to discern their life purposes through my messages, they must also be inspired to identify practical steps to take to accomplish the same. Education that lacks entertainment content is not only boring but accomplishes little. In a similar vein, entertainment that has no solid educational value falls short of any lasting impact. The question therefore is “Are you entertaining without educating or educating without entertaining?” YOU WILL SUCCEED!

P. S. I have written on the subject of public speaking here before in a series of posts titled 10-Tips-for-Speaking-to-Impact-Lives. To read those pieces you can click on the link and these: 10-tips (2); 10-tips (3) and 10-tips (4).



day 1-sat. feb 25 (19) Okay, thanks for staying with me. Did you get those first three tips I gave? If you missed that, you can check it here.

#4. Forget about yourself, your looks, your diction etc.

FOCUS ON YOUR AUDIENCE. I believe the dictum, “People see who you are before they hear what you have to say.” Therefore, I make every effort to look and dress my best for any speaking or preaching engagement. I invest hours in preparation of my material to the best of my ability. But see, once I take the podium or whatever it is, I forget about myself and put all of my focus on my listener and audience. At that point, I care less about how my tie is knotted, is my pocket-square in place, or whether my outfit is well-fitted on me, all that is before I take the podium, not once I’m there. All my focus now, is my listener, how to help them, how to benefit them.

#5. Never open your mouth to speak except you have immersed yourself in your subject matter.

Here I am talking about KNOWLEDGE. But don’t assume you alone know, be humble! You really do yourself and your audience a dis-service if you address them when you’re ill-prepared.

Knowledge gives you authority and confidence on the stage. That is why I always study well before I take the floor to address any group on any subject whatsoever. I bring to every speaking opportunity a minimum of fifteen hours of study. How have I been able to achieve that? I have made my life into one long-drawn out preparation. I am always gathering material for talks – reading books, clipping articles both electronically and from print issues, watching videos and listening to audio programs. Tedious, yes! But it has come to be fun, and much more it pays off. However do not forget point number three above, you don’t do this to impress people but to help them. People really don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care! TO BE CONTINUED


I wouldn’t consider myself a movie connoisseur or aficionado but one of my definitions of a great evening is one when my wife and I can find time to relax, huddle up and enjoy a good movie. And over the last few years it has become increasingly difficult to either catch on TV or on DVD a good, clean, family-safe movie with a strong message espousing great values. Anything short of that is not “entertainment” for me!

That was why I could not but commend Sherwood Pictures when I came across their movies. In times like these, they are a breath of fresh air. From Flywheel to Facing the Giants, from Fireproof to Courageous, these movies pack a solid message of the gospel in a strong, subtle yet clear, and convincing yet entertaining way into a great story line. These movies will encourage your faith and challenge you in your walk with God in your business, career, marriage and family. Plus, they’re great evangelistic tools too, non-believers can relate to these stories.

I’m not being paid for this but if you share my views, I encourage you to watch these movies if you haven’t. My wife and I were so blessed, encouraged, impacted and challenged that we decided to tell others about it. If you have watched any of these movies, can I hear your views here? Do have a happy weekend and a blessed new month of June.

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