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Years ago as an undergraduate, I took a summer teaching job. Whenever I entered the classroom I always took a bow and greet the students as “ladies and gentlemen”. One of the students asked me why I did that one day. I answered her, “Because I see you not as what you are right now but as who you will be years down the line!”

“When I see people, everyone, every human, I understand that I am in the presence of greatness. Maybe potential greatness, or greatness unpolished, or greatness unfound, but every person has the ability.” (Kat Cole) I concur! Every human being carries the imprint of the Almighty.

This quote inspires what I’m sharing with you today, dear friend. Don’t just see people as they are; see them as they can be. So much more important for those of us who have a responsibility for others, whether as parents, bosses, pastors, teachers, heads of department, etc., in any leadership capacity. That is why I wrote the book That I Look Like A Beggar Does Not Say I Do Not Have A Throne! And it is why I volunteer to train and mentor under-privileged kids at Paradigm Initiative Nigeria’s project. It’s also why I’ve made it part of my life’s work to build a leadership center for youths where they can be trained and given an opportunity to discover and develop their innate potential for greatness.

Everyone you see is pregnant with destiny. Beneath every face is a precious person loved and valued by God. Respect that always. Never look down on anyone except you want to help them up. Look within your sphere of influence and do something to help someone today. You will succeed!


Thought To Chew On

Ethics Aren’t Just Important In Business. They Are The Whole Point Of Business! – Sir Richard Branson

Indeed, There’s No Such Thing As “Business Ethics”!

Be Confident This Week!

The story is told, years ago, at Yale University, there was a very brilliant, but eccentric, professor of Mathematics. One day he assigned a difficult problem to his students and asked them to bring the answer to class the next morning.

The dormitories were ablaze with lights late into the night, as the students struggled with the problem. One young man spent nearly all night working on it, because he felt this was an important assignment. As dawn approached, he carefully and triumphantly wrote down his solution.

The next morning the professor asked various students, “Would you go to the board and give the answer to the problem?”

Each time, after a student had written his answer, the professor said, “I’m sorry, that’s wrong. Please be seated.”

Then he asked another young man who walked briskly to the board and wrote the right answer. But the professor said, “That’s incorrect. Please sit down.”

As that student took his seat, the young man who had studied throughout the night raised his hand, and the professor said, “Go to the board, and give us the solution.”

Striding confidently to the board, the young man wrote the same solution as the previous student whose answer had been refused.

Without a change of expression, the professor said, “That’s wrong. Didn’t you hear me tell this other young man that his answer was wrong? Yet, you’ve written the same solution.”

Boldly, the young man said, “Professor, it’s correct.”

“Are you trying to put me down?” the professor asked.

“No, sir, I’m not. I respect you very highly, but that is the correct answer,” he said.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” he replied. “Are you absolutely sure?” the professor challenged.

“I’m absolutely sure.”

The professor smiled and said, “You are correct. It’s the right answer.”

There was a wave of protest from the class but the professor said, “Now wait a minute. I’ll tell you why I did this. Soon you’ll be out in the world, and people will be demanding solutions to problems. They will not only want the correct answer, but they will also want to know that you have confidence in your answer.

“This man has demonstrated to us that he knows the solution. He knows that he knows! That’s the way life is. You must not only have the answer, but also have confidence in your answer.” You not only need to know, you must know that you know what you know. Period!

The scriptures say, “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which has great recompense of reward” (Hebrews 10:35) and in Isaiah 30:15 goes further to add that “in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.”

Self-confidence is one of your greatest assets to success in life. Without it, no matter how smart you are; no matter what you know you may never go far. You not only need to know, you need to know that you know what you know. So, whatever you wear, you have to wear confidence. It will take you places in life. Have a great working week, this week. YOU WILL SUCCEED!


I have a passion in my life; it is to help as many people as God brings across my path in life to find, follow and fulfill God’s ultimate purpose for their existence. this is what I want to help you do today.

Listen to me dear friend; the purpose of living is living for a purpose. Your answers to the questions below point in the direction of your destiny; and the purpose to which you should apply your life.

Do not spend your life doing what you were not assigned by God to do. You won’t be fulfilled that way. You don’t pursue just any career or vocation. Dig deep into your spirit. Analyse your aptitudes and abilities. Then go ahead and be what you are made to be.

A Prophetic Destiny

You do have a prophetic destiny. Yes. If you’ve been redeemed and bought by the blood of Jesus, you do have a prophetic destiny! What that means is that your purpose has been foreordained by God and it’s being revealed in your life experiences, abilities, gifts and personality make-up. God is your Creator and He did have a reason for doing so. God sure has a plan for you – a purpose you were born to run.

All of us believers have been called according to God’s purpose. And we can discover it by prayerfully searching our hearts in the Holy Ghost.

So, here are the six questions:

1. What do you – deep down in your heart – really want to do? What is the deepest desire of your heart?

2. Is there any one thing to which you can wholeheartedly offer your life and abilities? Something to which you can devote your lifetime without reservation – giving 100% of yourself for your whole life?

3. Is there something you will be willing to do for free if you won’t be paid?

4. What do your friends and folks want to gather around and help you accomplish?

5. What would you like to be remembered for?

6. Is there one thing you can die for? (That is a pointer to what you should live for!) (Exerpts from an unpublished manuscript by Yomi Olufiade)




Think about this. You will succeed!

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