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“It’s not what a book costs that matters, it is what it will cost you if  you don’t read it. A book you don’t read will not help you.”
This quote from Jim Rohn is very instructive as I write this. I’ve never been impressed by the size of any man’s wardrobe, only the size of their library. That established; the fact also remains that a book you do not read will not help you, no matter how well it adorns your ornamental bookshelf.

My top 10 books… deciding on this list is a tough one for me. As much and as far back as I’ve known; I have always been a bibliophile. I love books, straight and simple. Buying and reading a book is one of the joys of my life.
I’ve read quite a few volumes in my little life. So, picking the top ten is quite something. These in my own experience (I sure don’t know about you) are the top ten plus, books that have indelibly shaped my journey through life thus far. So strong is their influence that I can tell you in vivid details the circumstances surrounding my encounter with them. Let’s go!
1     1. The Bible. Top on my list is the Book of books itself. “Of course,” you’d say, “what do you expect from a preacher?” But I’m not being politically correct on this one. This really is the ‘numero uno’ that changed my life and still does. The other ones are in no specific order.

2.    The Man God Uses – Oswald J. Smith. I read this book in 1991. I was still in high school. More than any other material I credit this book with sparking the desire to consecrate myself to God and be a use-able man in His service.

3.    The Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale. This classic will always enjoy a pride of place in my library. I stumbled upon it in my dad’s collection in 1988 but never did read it until 1992 when I was about leaving high school.How my life changed! The book sold me in on the writings of the author for life. I credit the book with helping me at that age cultivate a positive and possibility mindset. And it was timely because the challenges I was yet to face ahead will definitely need a positive thinker to surmount them.

4.    About that same period in 1992 I got on loan from a friend and schoolmate (incidentally, he was the one who loaned me “The Man God Uses”) the book, How to Win Friendsand Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This was the book that changed how I relate with people.

5.    Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church to Grow by C. PeterWagner helped me understood myself and my part in the body of Christ. Professor Wagner taught me to identify,acknowledge and appreciate the gifts God has given me. In it I learnt to also appreciate others who may have different gifts from mine and value their contributions in the body of Christ.

6.    It was in the University bookstore at Ife that I came across this book, TowardsExcellence in Life and Ministry by David Oyedepo in 1993. It became ‘un-put-down-able’ for me. I read and re-read it. In fact, for the next seven(7) years straight, I was reading it twice yearly! Such was the illuminating effect the book had on me. In it I learnt diligence, confidence and commitment.

7.    Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders. This in my opinion is aclassic. If you’ve read it you’ll agree with me. It is practical, concise andcuts straight to the heart of the matter. When I first read it in 1996 I was soblessed and encouraged that I started recommending it to friends. I’d counselanyone hoping to make a success of Christian leadership to read this and own acopy.

8.    Signposts on the Road to Success (E W Kenyon). This is the master of allsuccess motivational pieces. Little book, big impact! In the words of the author, “My spirit goes with thee, little book of my dreams, Go waken the slumberer, Go strengthen the weak. Encourage the disheartened; To the lone dreamer speak, yes, Kindle within him a mighty desire, With dauntless ambition, Set his spirit on fire.” That’s what the book did for me and will do to you if you care to read it.

9.    In The Footsteps of A Prophet (Jerry Savelle) My! My! My! This was my baptism into the school of faith proper. Not that I was new to the word of faith but it opened an entirely new vista for me. My life and ministry has never been the same again since. It’s the biographical account (plus much more) of the author’s experience with Kenneth Copeland, the apostle of faith.

10. When God Builds A Church (Bob Russell withRusty Russell). For me this was very instructional as a church planter and pastor. It reveals the building blocks of a ministry founded upon truth and lasting principles not fads. Selah!

11. The Richest Man in Babylon (GeorgeClasson).You see, I’m exceeding ten. I told you, choosing the top ten books would be tough for me. This classic tale taught me how to build wealth. It’s simple and uncomplicated. Unforgettable lessons like “Pay yourself first. A part of all you earn is yours to keep.” Ancient wisdom for modern times – that’s how I describe this book. It’s not just a good book. This is a foundational instruction to wealth building.

12.  Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosakiwith Sharon L. Lechter. I bless God always for letting me come across this book. It’s not just an eye-opener;I underwent a paradigm shift on reading it. I’ve re-read it many times since and all the other books in the series.

Permit me to make no comments on these next two books or else I’ll be writing you a full-blown synopsis. Such is their impact that I’ve worn out the copies I have. They are such a tremendous blessing.

13. The 21 IrrefutableLaws of Leadership (John C. Maxwell)
14. The Purpose-DrivenChurch (Rick Warren)

15.   Finishing Strong by Steve Farrar. This book further strengthened one of my core life philosophies: I don’t want to shine, I want to last! I sincerely want to finish strong. This book identifies and teaches you to avoid the potholes that can shipwreck life and ministry.

See, let me stop here. I have already exceeded ten and reached fifteen. There are so many other books that also have significantly impacted me: Love and Marriage (Bruce & Carol Britten); Gifted Hands (Ben Carson); The Millionaire Next Door (Tom Stanley & Bill Danko); Public Speaking  (Dale Carnegie); The 7 Habits of  Highly Effective People (Stephen R. Covey). But let me drop my pen here. Hope I haven’t bored you. There you have mine, what are your own top ten books? I am waiting to hear it. YOU WILL SUCCEED!



“But for him who is joinedto all the living there is hope, for a living dog is better than a dead lion.” (Ecclesiastes 9:4)
From the broken pieces of our lives God can reconstruct a glorious destiny.Whatever it is you are going through today, THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU!
There is no accident in destiny. Everything that happens, happen onpurpose. Actually, every accident is an incident when you are in pursuit ofdestiny. It is true, because God makes everything to fit into a plan for good. Heis a master designer, weaving the broken threads of our lives into a beautifulpiece of fabric.
Take heart, weary traveler on the journey to fulfillment. Whatever theenemy intends for evil, God will turn into good. You are only down, you are notout. You can, and will pick up again! In every deep pit, rejoice! There mightbe no way forward or backwards. But look up, there is a way upwards. Hallelujah!
You can turn your pains into gains. For in every disappointment,there is a divine appointment. In every disability, there will come forth adivine ability. There is a sense coming out of that your nonsense. In yourdisadvantage, there is an advantage!
Learn to look beyond your minuses. Every hurt can be healed and used toheal others. It’s a new day – a fresh opportunity for a brand new beginning altogether!In that your situation, God will make a way for you.
It is out of those broken pieces of our past that God will construct abeautiful future for you – a future laden with hope (Jeremiah 29:11, NKJV). He shallbe glorified in your life, even right now. There is hope for you!


It’s time we bless this wonderful, lovely nation of ours. 
I still believe in Nigeria. 
That’s why the next edition of our Purpose ‘n’ Life Seminars in the city of Abuja is dedicated to celebrating our God-given heritage as Nigerians. 
I’ll keep you updated on this page. 
The date is Sunday, October 2, 2011. 
Red carpet starts at 2.30pm while the main event kicks off by 3.30pm
Dress code is a touch of green. 
I’m so loving this. Don’t give up hope yet. 
Nigeria will still be a praise in the earth! 
God bless Nigeria!

Eureka! I Found It! DYNAMICS OF DISCOVERY in Pictures

Archimedes (287?BC– 212BC) was a Greek mathematician,inventor & philosopher who lived in Syracuse, Sicily. He discovered theprinciple of floatation which is also known as the Law of Hydrostatics. Historyhas it that he ran out naked from his bath into the streets, shouting “Eureka! I found it!” Why? Was he mad? No, he just made a discovery.

Isaac Newton (1642-1727), English scientist & philosopher,discovered –  among other ground-breaking discoveries – the law of gravity. When an applefell on his head in his mother’s farm he began to question, “why?”
These twodiscoveries, “Was it serendipity?” I asked myself. Serendipity is defined as (1)the discovery of something fortunate; the accidental discovery of somethingpleasant, valuable, or useful. (2) A natural gift for making pleasant, valuableor useful discoveries by accident. Simply put, serendipity is the same thing as‘luck’!
However, theimportant issues of life [like marriage, career, finances etc] cannot be leftto serendipity. Questions demand answers.
It was when Jabez discovered his heritage (– Judah!) that his situationchanged for good (1 Chron. 4:9-10, 38; 5:2). He did not wait for a serendipitous discovery. It looks like he went ona deliberate search.
Nobody becomes acelebrity without making outstanding discoveries in their field. It’s aneternal law: HE THAT SEEKETH FINDETH!(Matt. 7:8; Luke 11:10; Prov. 8:17; Jer. 29:12-13)
It is a search thatproduces a discovery, and a discovery leads to a recovery. God has secrets (Job29:4, 5ff). These secrets make great on earth. They confer the honor of royaltyupon you. These divine secrets make for championship in life (Job 1:4; Deut.29:29; Prov. 25:2).
You must however, understandthat these mysteries of the kingdom of God are kept FOR us not FROM us! It isgiven to us to know! (Mark 4:11; Matt. 13:11; Luke 8:10; Rom. 16:25-26) Youhave the spirit of wisdom & revelation (Eph. 1:17-19). It is God’s pleasureto reveal hidden things to us (Prov. 25:2; Deut. 29:29; 1 Cor. 2:10).
This is what formed the crux of my thoughts in our Purpose ‘n’ LifeSeminar that held on Sunday, June 5, 2011 here in Abuja. I took my text from Luke 15:8-9, where Jesus gave three parables: TheLost Sheep, The Lost Coin & The Lost Son. I shared principles that will enable you make outstandingdiscoveries that will make you victorious in life.
Don’t wait till youlose something. Embark on a productive search today.
Here are some pictures from the event. 

Call 08135961690 for more details about the Purpose ‘n’ Life Seminars, to reserve your seat at any of our events or to get teaching materials. YOU WILL SUCCEED!

I WILL ARISE! (Purpose ‘n’ Life Seminar-July 3, 2011) in Pictures

I have alwaysbeen fascinated by the story of the proverbial prodigal son in the Bible. I havestudied him and that particular parable of Jesus – the Parable of the Lost Son in Luke 15.So it was my joy and privilege to share it with those who attended our monthly Purpose‘n’ Life Seminar on the beautiful Sunday evening of July 3, 2011 here in Abuja. 

Themed: I Will Arise! The story of a young man, his dilemma, his decision, hisdestiny; the reports from the participants were that they were illuminated;their eyes were opened to truths hitherto unseen as it was presented from God’sWord. It was a blessed experience. Check out these pictures.

Why don’t youjoin us every 1st Sunday of the month in the city of Abuja. Pleasecall 08135961690 to reserve your seat and for enquiries. YOU WILL SUCCEED!
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