Yomi Olufiade is the CEO/Principal Consultant of Purpose ‘n’ Life Int’l, a firm of personal development and leadership consultants and coaches, trainers and speakers.

Our Mission

“We motivate individuals and corporate bodies to achieve tremendous success, teaching them to discover, develop and deploy their innate resources, gifting, capabilities and core competencies in the fulfillment of their personal and corporate purpose.”

We facilitate:

  • Keynote addresses and speeches
  • Staff/Human Resources Training
  • Peak Performance Training & Coaching
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Personal and Corporate Growth Teachings
  • Team-building Events/Training
  • In-house Motivational Seminars and Workshops
  • Purpose Discovery
  • Editorial Services: transcription, proof-reading & ghost-writing


  1. Deliver time-tested, cutting-edge and proven sure-fire principles of success to facilitate the achievement of individual and corporate goals.
  2. Furnish you with information that will produce a rapid transformation in your organization and the personal life of your employees.
  3. Help individuals develop and hone their own unique leadership skills.
  4. Help to increase personal and corporate worth, efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Inspiring & Motivating
  • Impactful & Sharp
  • Precise & On-point,  and
  • Delivers on the expected results.

WE BELIEVE that the enthronement of a success-minded culture within an organization is driven essentially by motivation. So WE PROVIDE motivational and inspirational communication, in form of motivational keynote speeches to teams or groups, personal success coaching, retreats, facilitating listening to inspirational audios and reading of motivational books, circulating daily or weekly motivational quotes and articles via the intranet, recommended motivational reading for the month for all staff among others.

WE RECOGNIZE that communication is the life-blood of relationships and a critical currency in gaining clients loyalty. To this end, WE DEPLOY exceptional communication skills in endearing prospective and current clients to brands and service organizations by delivering our speeches and presentations in a distinctive and excellent manner.

Many professionals also have the challenge of properly presenting concepts, brands or even their organization to elicit favorable response from their target audience. However, some are adept in writing but inept in speaking. WE BRIDGE THE GAP either by complimenting through facilitating a session, delivering keynote addresses, pitching a concept to investors or even by organizing in-house training for your teams and executives.

WE CAN GO THE EXTRA MILE for any of our clients by developing content and designing powerful and engaging PowerPoint presentations that compliments every occasion. We ensure that we tailor every of our presentation to suit the context, the company and its clients.


May be you have a story to tell but don’t know how to tell the story. We feel you. Let us help you.

We especially have a passion for busy pastors, top-flight executives or bi-vocational pastors who are choked for time in juggling two careers or anyone who feel a stirring to write but do not how to go about it.

The services we provide include

  • Ghost-writing
  • Transcription of audio sermons/messages into book form
  • Proof-reading

Let us talk today. Our services are excellent and at affordable prices.

We will painstakingly work with you from conception and idea stages of the book to its eventual public release.

Contact us today and let’s help you knock that book that’s been simmering in your heart into shape. Let the world hear and be blessed by your story.

WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU TODAY! Email: yomiolufiade@gmail.com or give us a call: 234(0)813 596 1690, (0) 709 050 2299