This was my very first book: YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR WORLD! It’s a motivational guidebook to personal transformation.

In it I share six major action steps to a much-desired change in your life. It is personal transformation that precedes professional or financial transformation. You can indeed change your world!

Now in its second edition, this book will bless you. Available also as an e-book (in PDF) and audio-book on CD.

You may look insignificant today but you sure have a destiny in glory.

You may look small today but your future is wrapped up in nobility.

That you look like a beggar does not say you don’t have a throne!

In this motivational mini-book, I extract five lessons from the story of David and Nabal which we all need to learn. This book will sure change how you view people and react to them. Available also as an e-book (PDF) and audio-book on CD.

Listen in as Yomi Olufiade teaches live, sharing some incredible real-life stories in this paradigm-shifting message. You won’t remain the same again!

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