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As the year 2013 is running out – we’ve got just twenty more days, approximately 480 hours or 28800 minutes – the words of Chinese sage Confucius bears relevance. He said: “FORGET INJURIES, NEVER FORGET KINDNESSES.”

I think this is great advice as we reflect on how the year has been and make preparations for the coming year. It is my prayer for you that you will not only finish this year well, you’ll finish it strong! YOU WILL SUCCEED!




In my last post, I was talking about thirteen (13) things you need to maximize 2013. Here I want to share another thirteen things you need to prioritize this New Year. We often tend to overlook these things in the grind of our daily affairs.

I believe the year 2013 is a gift given to us by God and for us to unwrap the great things it contains, we need to get our priorities right. Here are my own thirteen suggestions:

1. The Word. Here we get direction, encouragement, inspiration and instruction for living. In 2013, you will daily need to study your Bible. Put the Word first!
2. Your spirit tuned to the Holy Spirit. (See 1 Corinthians 2:6-12 KJV)
3. Your family. Don’t sacrifice your family for money, fame or whatever else. Make out priority time for your loved ones this year – your spouse, children etc.
4. Get organized. Order your life. Put things in your life and home or work, in their proper places. Order is the first step to increase.
5. Purity (Isaiah 35:8). As the coming of the Son of man approaches, we need to prioritize holiness in our walk with God and our fellow humans. And this 2013 will be a good time to start doing that if we’ve not been doing so.
6. Your business – This is your core purpose in life (see Jesus in Luke 2:49). What is your business? You must identify it and focus on it. Only a fool gets busy about other people’s businesses at the expense of his.
7. No fear! 2013 must be your year to take risks. Courage and confidence must be your constant companion (Isaiah 35:4).
8. Waiting upon the Lord. Your relationship with God must be on the front burner of your life this year.
9. Humor. In 2013 you will laugh at the storms! Don’t take yourself too seriously when you go through trying times this year. Enjoy a good joke on yourself. If Satan cannot steal your joy in 2013, he won’t be able to keep your goods.
10. Protect your dreams and vision in 2013. Your dream is your ticket to the table of champions. Protect it!
11. Stick with your core values.
12. Faith, Hope and Love. These are the heart of our Christian experience.
13. Think newness, think freshness, always!


It’s a brand new year! In fact we are ten (10) days gone into 2013 already. That should get you thinking: THIS YEAR WAS THE NEXT YEAR YOU TALKED ABOUT LAST YEAR! The big deal about the New Year is to make it new indeed by doing things differently in a positive way so as to get better results. And so shall it be for you in Jesus name.

I have for you thirteen suggestions; of the things I think you need to maximize 2013.

1. New Strategy
2. New Relationships
3. New Wisdom
4. New Knowledge
5. New Approach
6. New Anointing
7. New Thinking
8. New Consecration
9. New Sense of Expectation
10. New Attitude
11. New Seeds
12. New Input
13. New Ideas

Think about these, and if there’s something I’m leaving out, let me hear it. YOU WILL SUCCEED!


Several years back I learnt that a New Year means nothing except it is accompanied by a New You. 2013 will be no different from 2012 or the preceding years if there isn’t a change of attitude on your own part. After all, it was the late Zig Ziglar who postulated that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way year in year out expecting a different result!

In 2013, what would you do differently?

If you carry on living like the way you’ve been, will it take you to the life of your dreams?

While some basics do not change, I think a brand new year affords us the opportunity to change – a chance to learn from the mistakes of the preceding years and correct them.

Now, I’m not talking about those traditional, conventional “New Year Resolutions” that have over the years come to mean nothing. I am saying that this New Year calls for a new thinking, a new approach, a new strategy. Well, that’s true for me, and I think it should be for you if you need new results. In more specific terms we will explore these in subsequent posts, but this should suffice for now.

I want to welcome you once again to 2013. It is your year when God will make all things NEW! (See Revelation 21:5) YOU WILL SUCCEED!

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