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What did Jesus mean when He called us salt and light in Matthew 5:13-16? That is what I believe to be the Leadership concept of Irresistible Influence which is what I will be sharing and exploring come Sunday evening, April 1st by 4.00pm in the City of Abuja, Nigeria. It promises to be an exciting edition of our Purpose ‘n’ Life Seminar. I am looking forward to it. Will you be there? For more info: see here



Oh! Oh! Oh! Are you feeling this? Words are powerful and the meaning you attach to them defines you. I mean, you define words and in turn, they come to define you! Let these definitions help you, motivate you, encourage you or anger you, if need be. But please do not be indifferent.

Just check out these last set of definitions: having an education is not about going to school; worldliness is not rocket science, John Wesley cuts it to the bare bones for us. Enjoy and be blessed by these. You will succeed!

14. EDUCATION is that which we remember when we have forgotten all we learnt! – Unknown

15. COOPERATION is spelled with two letters: WE. – G. M. Verity

16. WORLDLINESS is that which cools my affection towards God. – John Wesley

17. COURAGE is fear that has said its prayers! – Karle Wilson Baker

18. THE WILL OF GOD is saying and doing the right thing in the right place with the right people at the right time and in the right sequence under the right leadership using the right method with the right attitude of heart. – Loren Cunningham

19. A GOOD MARRIAGE is a union of two forgivers. – Ruth Bell Graham

20. Okay now, add yours. I’m waiting.


I am still talking about words and their meanings, or definitions. Check out these few more. Note especially how Akio Morita (the co-founder of Sony Corporation) defines who an entrepreneur is. Also I’m inspired by those three definitons of Profanity in case you are someone given to running off at the mouth. Receive wisdom! And I’m just so blessed by how Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo defines DIGNITY. Waoh! Let’s go…

8. AN ENTREPRENEUR is a man who falls down seven times and gets up eight times! – Akio Morita

9. PROFANITY is a public announcement of stupidity. Swearing is a lazy man’s way of trying to be emphatic. – Dr. Mike Murdock

10. PROFANITY is a device that makes ignorance audible. – Unknown

11. PROFANITY is the effort of a feeble mind to express itself forcibly. – Unknown

12. DIGNITY is a man or woman who carries himself or herself right in public, uninfluenced by his/her lack or affluence. – Matthew Ashimolowo

13. BIG MEN are only small men who lift up smaller men. – Yomi Olufiade

I’ll conclude this in the next post. YOU WILL SUCCEED!


Words convey meaning. If you are like me, when I come across a word and do not understand its meaning, I reach for the dictionary. But here I am attempting to share with you thoughts from different people, myself included, on the meaning of some words. Please think about them because the definitions you’re about to read are not in your everyday dictionary. May you be blessed!

1. MEDIOCRITY is a region bounded on the north by compromise, on the south by indecision, on the east by past thinking, and on the west by a lack of vision. – John C. Mason

2. COMPROMISE is accepting what we don’t believe because we refuse to fight for what we do believe. – Casey Treat

3. WORRY is an old man with a bended head carrying a load feathers he thinks is lead. – Corrie Ten Boom

4. FEAR is the dark room where negatives are developed. – Unknown

5. A LEADER is a man who knows the road, who can keep ahead, and who pulls others after him. – John R. Mott

6. OBSTACLES are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal. – Hannah More

7. HARDSHIP is only a HARD ship. Stay on board, it is taking you somewhere! – Yomi Olufiade



As I celebrate the 150th post on this blog I want to appreciate you my dear friend for hanging out with me. For those who have taken the time to do that, I have enjoyed and been blessed by your comments. It’s such a joy. The greatest fulfillment of a writer is having readers. And for that privilege I’m most grateful.

(I want you to know that I enjoy reading your comments and really appreciate it when you take time to let me know what and how you feel about this blog. So, please feel free to give me a feed back and God bless you as you do so.)

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The first quarter of 2012 is almost at a close, and at this blog I am taking stock of blog posts from the beginning of the year to find out what topics and issues ministered most to you.

So, here we go, these are the Top Seven Blog Posts of the year 2012 thus far:

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Thank you for staying with me. You will succeed!

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